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Multi tab control in ajax control toolkit


Hello everybody,
I tried to search for almost a day for a solution for multy row tab control in ajax and couldn't find anything.
The tab control using ajax control toolkit is missing the treatment in multy row tabs.
That means if I have more tabs then the panel can get it needs to open a new row and show the other tabs in the next row.
When trying doig that in ajax control toolkit it didn't work.
The new row which is up,got all the tabs it can get and rest in the row in the bottom (that row that close to the panel).
It doesn't look nice abd also when selecting one tab it doesn't replace the row like there is in the properties of files in windows explorer.
Is there anyone any solution for that?
I cannot imagine that something so simple was not treated well by anyone.
I attach the picture how it looks.

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tonysolis wrote Oct 28, 2014 at 4:19 AM

I know this tab control can do multi row and row. Take a look.